Do-It-Ourselves Dumaguete


City of Gentle People


This post will be mainly a timeline of what we did on our 4 days 3 nights trip to Dumaguete and its nearby islands (Apo Island, Siquijor, Manjuyod Island). We are in a group composed of 8 cuties. Hahaha!

*** Dumaguete City flights can be easily booked to any local airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

I have been asked a lot of times since I posted our Dumaguete Adventure on this Facebook page called DIY Travel Philippines.


Below is a short and sweet timeline of our travel adventure last December 2016. Detailed itinerary (IT) can be found on the links for each day. 🙂


Day 1 (December 11)

8:25am – ETA @ Dumaguete Airport

9:00am – Arrival @ Flying Fish Hostel

*** Since it’s too early for the check-in, you can ask the personnel on the lobby if you can drop off your luggage first. Luckily for us, the person who was occupying our room is about to leave so we were allowed to do an early check-in! Woohoo!

10:30am – Depart from Flying Fish Hostel to Apo Island

11:30am – Arrival @ APO Island (lunch, snorkel, picture with a pawikan!, etc.)

2:00pm – Head back to Flying Fish Hostel

3:00pm – Arrival @ Flying Fish Hostel to freshen up

5:30pm – Depart for Dinner @ Hayahay Treehouse Bar and View Deck on Rizal Blvd.

6:00pm onwards – Dinner and Drinks

8:00pm – Buy dessert @ Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries. Wag kalimutan! Best day ender! Haha!

See how stressed and excited we are just to get that Sans RIval! Haha.

9:00pm – End of Day / Go back to hotel / Sleep

*** Click HERE for complete Itinerary of our Apo Island Adventure

Day 2 (December 12)

4:00am – Wake-up and get ready for Siquijor Island Adventure

6:00am – Depart hotel and head to port

*** I suggest that you buy breakfast inside port to save time

7:00am – board Montenegro RORO: 130php per trip (leaves @ 7am DGT-SQJR)

8:30am – Arrive @ Siquijor (Yehey!!!)

*** Make sure to do arrangements of transportation in Siquijor prior to arrival to lessen the stress and hassle. Another thing, make sure to buy ticket on your way back to Dumaguete as soon as you arrive @ Siquijor Port para hindi maiwan at maubusan ng ticket. Heee 🙂

9:00am – Start tour around Siquijor (Old Balete Tree, Cambugahay Falls, Salagdoong Beach)

12:00nn – Chill / Swim / Cliff Dive / Lunch @ Salagdoong Beach

*** We were not able to do any of these but eat lunch as we stayed longer in Cambugahay Falls. We arrived at Salagdoong Beach at 1pm and needed to eat lunch fast as the last trip going to Dumaguete is 4:00pm — this is also the main reason why I said to buy ticket upon arrival in Siquijor. It is an 1-hour motor ride (without traffic) from Salagdoong to Siquijor Port. So it’s a must to leave at least 2:30pm unless you want to be left behind and stay in Siquijor for a night.

4:00pm – Board Delta Ferry to Dumaguete: 160php per trip (leaves @ 4pm SQJR-DGT)

5:00pm – Arrive at DGT Port

*** You can either go back straight to your hotel to freshen up. But on our case, we opted to chill in Rizal Blvd. to eat some street food and baluuuut! 🙂

7:00pm – Dinner @ Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries. (Of course, this has to be an everyday routine when you’re in DGT! Haha!)

8:30pm – Planned to go back to hotel and freshen-up. Finally! 🙂

*** We did not go out anymore since we are too lolas for that. Haha! We just chilled in our hostel room and slept.

*** Click HERE for complete Itinerary of our Siquijor Adventure

Day 3 (December 13)

5:00am – Wake-up and get ready for Manjuyod Island

6:30am – Go to bus terminal to Manjuyod

*** Eat breakfast on the bus terminal before loading for Manjuyod

7:30am – Depart for Manjuyod Island

8:30am – Go to the market in Bais City to buy food for the trip

9:00am – Tric to Capiñahan Wharf and load boat going to Manjuyod Island (Dolphin Watching , Swim, Eat, Chill — Ah! THE LIFE!)

2:00pm – Go back to Bais City

2:30pm – Bus ride going to Dumaguete City

3:30pm – Go back to hotel and freshen-up

*** REST ***

7:00pm – Dinner @ Lantaw Native Restaurant

Last but not the least dinner in DGT!

9:00pm – Drink the night away @ Cafe Racer Diner which is just beside Lantaw Native Restaurant

12mn – Go back to hotel and SLEEP!

*** You can extend up to whatever time you want. But as mentioned previously, we are too lolas for this and our bodies cannot cope with the staying up late night shizzles. Hahaha!

*** Click HERE for complete Itinerary of our Manjuyod Sand Bar Adventure

Day 4 (December 14. Last Day. Awww!)

8:00am – Breakfast @ Gabby’s Bistro which is only a 5-minute walk from our hotel

9:30am – Go back to hotel and get ready for Check-out

11:30am – Check-out @ Flying Fish Hostel (Thank you so much for the great accommodation!)

*** Since the airport is just 10 minutes away from our hostel and we still have soooo much time, we left our luggage in the hotel lobby and went off to tour around more.

12:00nn – Lunch @ Jo’s Chicken Inato

1:30pm – Dropped by @ Dumaguete Cathedral to light a candle and thank Papa J for keeping us safe this whole trip 🙂

2:00pm – Have dessert and buy pasalubongssss from Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries

*** Was not able to take photos because I am too excited to eat always, every time I go to this pastry shop! Heart heart *kiligs* HAHAHAHA!

3:00pm – Pick-up luggage from Flying Fish and go to Dumaguete Airport

3:45pm – Board aircraft bound to MNL!

There you go guys! This post is not detailed in terms of where to go, what to ride and stuff. But this is plainly a guide on what to do and where to go when you’re in Dumaguete 🙂

Thank you so maaats for your time 😀