Island of Fire: Siquijor

When you’re a born and raised Filipino, you are most likely familiar or have heard of Kulam or commonly known as witchcraft. Siquijor is said to be a nest of witchcraft and witches. Yikes, right?! and Siquijor was called the Island of Fire on purpose as it was told to be a place of magic and sorcery. So when I was told that this is part of our Dumaguete Trip, I was a bit scared (?). Oo na, OA but with all the Shake, Rattle and Roll I grew up with… You can’t blame me! Hahaha.

True enough! As soon as our ferry docked on Siquijor’s port, right then and there I knew this place is full of MAGIC! And I will show you what it is about…

  • From Flying Fish Hostel in Dumaguete, we rode a tricycle going to Dumaguete Port – 8 pesos / head
  • We bought tickets before entering the port from Montenegro Lines. The booth is not hard to notice as there is always a long queue of tourists and locals availing of the ticket.- 130 pesos / head

*** You can buy cup noodles or breakfast prior to boarding the ferry

  • Once all set, time to ride the RORO (Montenegro Lines)!
Off we go!
Mowdels kunwari. Haha!

*** After almost 1.5 hours of RORO ride, once you see Siquijor’s Port, it ain’t nothing like others. The air is so fresh, the water is crystal clear, in short — VERY CLEAN. Cleanest port I have ever seen!

Crystal Clear Water  (commercial?!. Hahaha) from Siquijor’s Port
Welcome to Siquijor!

*** Prior to arriving at Siquijor, we already made arrangements with Kuya Raul who manages the transportation / tours around. So make sure to reserve whichever your mode of transpo is so it will be less hassle for you.

Kuya Raul’s Contact Number: (0935) 596 5465

*** Another thing to take note of, make sure to buy your ticket going back to Dumaguete UPON ARRIVAL @ Siquijor Port if you don’t want to be left behind and spend the night in SQJR. This time, instead of Montenegro Lines, we bought from Delta Ferry – 175 pesos / head.

  • It’s time to start the adventure! We have decided to rent 4 motorbikes since we are a group of 8. Bale, 2 persons per ride. – 300 pesos / ride = 150 pesos / head
Since my other friend (Opha) got scared to manage the motorbike, we just opted for them to have a driver instead. Good thing, atleast we had an instant tour guide! 🙂
I don’t know how to ride a bike so forever passenger!
Basta driver sweet lover. HAHAHA!


  • First Stop: Old Balete Tree. There is an entrance fee or I think more of a maintenance fee. – 10 to 12 pesos / head
Me and my friends skinny dippin’ on the water spring right at the foot of the Old Balete Tree
The Balete Tree behind me 🙂
Fishes ready to eat out our dead skins. Haha!
Baby fishes too full due to the many callus we have. HAHA!

*** We only stayed for about 30 minutes in the Old Balete Tree because we don’t want the fishes to eat out on our feet too much. Hahaha!


  • Second Stop: Cambugahay Falls. From the Old Balete Tree to the Cambugahay Falls, it took us 20 minutes or so to get there.

*** The only thing I remembered that we needed to pay for was the parking for the motor bikes which is 10 pesos / motor bike

*** Another thing to take note, if you are not fit like me. Harhar! You need to endure the 138 steps from the top (where the parking is) up to the falls. But I assure you, it is all going to be worth it! 🙂

This falls is so stunning! The 138 steps, indeed, was worth it!
Me and my rainbow friends <3
Day off ni Inday! Hahaha!
We had the “kubo” rented all by ourselves for 100 pesos! 🙂
We are all too happy and we just can’t hide it! Hahahaha!

*** Click on this link to check out the Tarzan Jump + Dab by Jappy!

After almost an hour or and hour and a half of pure fun and chika, we have decided to leave Cambugahay to head out to our next destination.


  • Last but not the least, our Third Stop: Salagdoong Beach

By 1pm-ish, we arrived at Salagdoong all hungry and tired from all the jumping (well, for them. Haha) from Cambugahay. And because we only have a little time left before the 4pm trip to Dumaguete, we were not able to cliff dive at Salagdoong. We just had our late lunch and took a few photos. Well, I say there is always a next time. And I say Siquijor is worth coming back 🙂

You will pass by these trees on your way to Salagdoong. Amazingly beautiful. <3
Siquijor’s surrounding water is really majestic and very clean. I just hope that people will continue taking care of this beauty <3

At approximately 2:30pm or I think 3pm, we were done eating lunch. We were all in a hurry as it takes 1 hour drive from Salagdoong to Siquijor Port. And as mentioned before, ferries depart from the port on time. This is also one of the main reasons why I said to buy tickets once you arrive at Siquijor’s Port to save time as well.

Overall, Siquijor is really meant to be called the Island of Fire as it will really ignite the excitement in you to explore every inch of it.

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST: 700 pesos (this if you rent motorbikes – 2 persons / ride and 200 pesos for lunch)