Manjuyod Sand Bar + Dolphin Watching

How do I start describing a place when the picture above itself explains how Manjuyod has been tagged as the Maldives of the Philippines.

Okay, fine! I will try to reiterate everything I felt and saw during this trip and uhm… Put it into words (?). Malamang. LOL.

Anyway, so here it is…

  • From our hotel (Flying Fish Hostel) in Dumaguete, we rode a tricycle going to Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal – 8 pesos / head

*** We had a quick breakfast in the terminal prior to loading the bus

After eating breakfast, we asked around on how to go to Manjuyod. But reading other blog posts, it says that we needed to load the bus going to Bais City. We were quite confused as there are other buses with the “Manjuyod” signage on it. But we opted to stick to our plan and rode the bus to Bais City, instead.

While we were discussing on what bus to ride, LOUDLY. Hahaha. Yes, loudly. One bus conductor approached us asking where our destination is. Since we kind of look touristy (yeheeees. hahaha) I think they already knew that we are heading to Manjuyod. Orrr, baka kasi malakas lang talaga kami mag-usap usap. Hahaha. And then they asked and offered us a boat on our way to the island. Of course, the very kuripot lolas of Manila kind of hesitated at first as we wanted to stick to our plan which is to just haggle a boat when we get there. BUT! Good thing we decided to take it! I guess, kuya conductor is heaven sent as this made our trip HASSLE-FREE.

So if you want to follow this itinerary, contact Ate Dyna @ (0995) 892 7426. She will be the one to take care of all your transportation once you unload from the bus.

  • So, ang dami ng chika. Haha. We already loaded the bus going to Bais City. Make sure to say that you will head to Manjuyod. But since, I’ve mentioned above, we were in constant communication with Ate Dyna PLUS! The conductor is our angel for the day, we need not to worry as he will be the one to say if we are already on our destination. Bus to Bais City – 60 pesos / head
  • Once in Bais City, or wherever we were dropped-off, Ate Dyna was there waiting for us and a tricycle who will transport us going to Capiñahan Wharf (where the boat is) – 200 pesos / tricycle ride = 34 pesos / head

*** Of course, we need food for this trip! So, we asked the tricycle driver to drive us to the nearest market for us to buy food that will be cooked on our boat. Awesome! 🙂

Ola Chikas! Hahaha
Mangoes are prefect for dessert! Yuum!
Hi Kuya, pabili po. LOL 🙂

*** After done with the shopping (Shopping?!? LOL), we are now off to Manjuyod!!! 😀

From the market, we were now dropped off at Capiñahan Wharf where Ate Dyna and our boat is waiting for us! Our boatmen at that time, were preparing the “Cooking” area on our boat. I wasn’t able to take a photo as I was too excited for this whole trip, to be honest. Hahaha. Boat for the Manjuyod + Dolphin watching tour -2,500 pesos / boat = 417 pesos / head

Capinahan Wharf

Off we go! 🙂

  • First stop: Dolphin watching.

*** I have been to Bohol’s Dolphin Watching but I think, this one is better. And they are A LOT! And I think this is really their turf! Nakakaiyak sa ganda. :’)

Next thing you know, you go all teary-eyed because of so much goodness in nature.
Thank you, Papa Jesus, for these babies.
We were this near to them! <3

I think we stayed, more or less 30 minutes or so just to play with the dolphins. I actually don’t want to leave but we have to because we need to go to Manjuyod. Huhuhu. Dolphins will always be my sea creature. <3


  • Aaaand finally! The long wait is over… Here we come, Manjuyod Sand Bar!
Here we come!!!
We’re here!

*** If you plan to rent on one of the ‘kubos’, I think it costs 3,000 pesos (but not sure as we did not inquire for that at all because — EXPENSIVE. Hehe!)

Hello from the 6 cuties! (Opha and Melanie was not able to join because they are not feeling well. Nabati sa Siquijor. LOL.)
Our boatman, starting to grill our food for lunch! Yeay!

While we were waiting for our food to be cooked, it’s swimming tiiiime!

DIY Drone. Hahahaha!
We used a looong bamboo stick and placed my GoPro on it. Hahahaha!
LUH! Ang saya niya. Hahaha!
Forever Friends but not complete
Oh no… Kuya, we’re destined to meet today!
Sea Urchin or what we commonly know as Uni in Japanese restaurants. This one only costs 10pesos!
No need for Garlic and Cheese as Vinegar is more than enough for this oyster! Yuuuuuum!
All of these for only 80 pesos!!!

After all the kulitans, time to eat our lunch!!! Apologies as I was not able to take any photos of it anymore because I am hungry! Hahaha. But here’s what we chose for lunch:

  • Grilled Squid
  • Paco Leaves Salad
  • Grilled Liempo
  • Grilled Fish
  • Grilled Eggplant
  • Ripe Mangoes

Ang dami diba?!?! But indeed, it was the best lunch I had for this whole trip! <3

If you were wondering why I don’t have any photos of the sand bar or the sand bar (ulit ulit?!) without the water, we were not able to make it before high tide. So if you guys want to really spend more time during the lowtide, make sure to go to Manjuyod early morning. We arrived there at 10am (I think) so you need to go earlier than that.

*** We went back to DGT by the help of the same tricycle who fetched us earlier. He dropped us off at where we can load a bus to Dumaguete City. 🙂

ESTIMATED TOTAL COST: 900 pesos (if you are a group of 6 and haggle a boat that costs 2,500. Aaaand, it will all depend on what you buy on the market)