Exploring Ayutthaya, Thailand

Initially, when I was planning this whole Bangkok Trip, I did not know anything about Ayutthaya. But as I was working on my First Timer’s Bangkok DIY Itinerary, my friend, Kath, told me that we need to allot a day for Ayutthaya. As she was more familiar with Thailand, I said yes.

I did some research and more than the temples I saw in Bangkok, Ayutthaya has more to offer. From temple ruins, palaces, monasteries and statues — it did not come as a surprise to be tagged as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre.

So to start of with our 2nd day, it’s time for us to ride a BTS! Yeay! 🙂 if in Manila we call it MRT, in Bangkok they call it BTS. And sorry again Manila, their train station is waaaay better than us. 🙁

  • Here’s a short footage during our BTS ride: BTS to Mo Chit. Cost: 42 Baht / person

After we got off Mo Chit, we rode a FREE public bus (Bus #3) that will drop us off at the terminal where the Mini Vans to Ayutthaya are.

Terminal to Ayutthaya
  • Upon entering the terminal, a lot of conductors and drivers will approach you and ask where you’re heading. So just tell them Ayutthaya and they will direct you where to ride. Cost: 60 Baht / person
  • Ayutthaya is 80 kilometers away from Bangkok so it took us at least 2 hours to get to there. Upon unloading the van, the driver helped us look for a TukTuk for our tour. You have another option which is to ride a bike. But since Kath and I does not know how to use one, we chose the 1st option. HAHAHAHA. Cost: 600 baht / person

Unlike in the Grand Palace, Ayutthaya is not strict when it comes to what to wear when visiting their temples. So without further ado (char! Hahaha!) here goes our Ayutthaya Adventure. I don’t know any of their history so I’ll skip pretending I know anything. LOL. Just see how happy we are in every photo. Hahaha! 🙂

  • Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Guess we’re lucky enough that day, since their late king died, entrance fees for the ruins are ALL FOR FREE! All of this lasted until January 2017.
Ayaw talaga umalis ni ate! LUH siya! Hahaha.
Hirap mag pose!
My camera kind of acted up on me so pictures are kind of blurry. But in real life this is stunning. <3
Hi from a very happy me! 🙂


Magnificent Landscape <3
Banana Pancake! So yummy!!! For only 40 Baht.


  • Wat Lokayasutharam (The Reclining Buddha)
Ayutthaya have their own Reclining Buddha as well. Not as gold as in Bangkok’s but it looks more sacred to me. Just my opinion 🙂
  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet
I really have a thing for stairs. I think 🙂
Look for me. Hahaha.
  • Wat Maha That
Roots of a tree grew overtime with the head of a statue in it.
A closer look. Art by Mother Nature 🙂 Amaziiiing!

There are a lot of ruins and temples and many more things to see in Ayutthaya. But we did not explore all of those anymore, as again, we got too tired from all the walking and the heat of the sun was 32 degrees and rising! We lasted for 3 hours in Ayutthaya before we headed back to Bangkok.

Bye Ayutthaya! Until next time!

I did not regret a single thing spending one day in Ayutthaya.  If only I could spend more time to explore all the other temples, I would. But I guess… Another one to add up on my list of reasons why I would go back in Thailand.



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