THIP SAMAI: Best Pad Thai in Bangkok

When I ask people what are the best food in Bangkok, I only get 2 answers.

  1. Mango with Sticky Rice which you can find almost anywhere and in every restaurant in Bangkok. And I guess all have the same taste as far as all the ones I ate during my stay.
Who would not love this?!?!

2. Pad Thai

To be honest, during my 28 years of existence, I have never tasted a Pad Thai. Yes! Not even in Thai restaurants in the Philippines. Because I’m not just a fan. BUT! All these changed when…

Before our trip, with my usual self, I had all planned with my DIY Itinerary. And part of that was not just where to go but also where to find the best of the best food because for me… #FoodIsLife. LOL. Hahaha.

I came across a LOT of food blogs including top 10 Pad Thai’s in Bangkok and all entries boil down to one restaurant which is… THIP SAMAI.

As I’ve told from my previous entry, from No.6 Memorial Bridge, we rode a public bus which was just right outside the pier. We told the conductor that our destination is CHINA TOWN. Since it was almost 5pm then — which means rush hour. Yes, Bangkok have the their own fair share of “Kalyeserye” when it comes to traffic. Malala rin, guys! Haha. Anyway, after 30 minutes, we finally arrived in China Town. I am not sure why we ate nothing and did nothing. We literally just walked around.

Do what the locals do. Ride a public bus 🙂

Because we were too hungry and tired and don’t know how to go to Thip Samai,  due to no internet access (yet), we stayed in Starbucks for 20 minutes just to use their free wifi and rest for a while.

After then, we booked an Uber and set our destination to Thip Samai. We did not know it was super near because our Uber costs only 30 Baht. And by the way, when we told the Uber driver that we are heading to Thip Samai, he knew right then and there and kept telling us “Ooooh. Pad Thai.” Hihi. So this just proves that it is not known only to tourists but also to the locals.

If you’re not an Uber fan and would like to make use of our feet. Hahaha. Here’s the complete address of Thip Samai: 313-315 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand

Thip Samai is only open from 5pm to 3am 🙂

Always remember the photo above as that is what you should see and be looking for when in search of the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. 🙂

Good thing we came in earlier than dinner time as we did not experience the long queue just to get a table.

I was not able to take a photo of their menu but what I remember is we ordered Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot – their kind of Pad Thai that is wrapped in a thin layer of egg.

Before “unboxing” the Pad Thai. Haha.

We also ordered their well known Orange Juice. I thought it was just your ordinary juice but wait until you taste it! It is a muuust! Aaaaah! Ang saraaaaap! <3 I bet it was freshly squeezed due to all the pulps. Huhu. Basta tikman niyo 🙂

Here’s my Instagram Story before having our first taste of the best Pad Thai. Before Eating the Pad Thai

I know a lot of you would be asking “How can you testify that it is the best if it’s only your first time to eat Pad Thai?” My answer to that would be, just try and taste it. And the long lines just to get a table I guess proves it more than anything else? Here’s my proof: Tourists and Locals Lining Up Outside Thip Samai

I am no Food Critique nor a Food Blogger. But this one deserves a spot. Don’t forget to drop by THIP SAMAI the next time you go to Bangkok. 🙂



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