Secret Garden in the Heart of Quezon City

When we think about what a Secret Garden looks like, what comes first in our minds?

Coffee Project along Sgt. Esguerra Ave

You might be thinking right now, HUH? Akala ko Secret Garden? Bakit coffee shop? Exact same thoughts when I first saw Coffee Project.

I have been living in the heart of Quezon City where the famous Tomas Morato and Timog Ave. are for 8 years now. Back when I was in college (or maybe highschool?) I always hear those 2 address to be popular. Kung may BGC na sa generation ngayon, meron naman Morato at Timog dati.

But despite the growing competition in the food industry, Morato and Timog have been a haven for foodie like me. Thankful I live here! Hahaha!

I cannot lay everything for you where I have dined in and out but let me share with a you a café I never knew existed until last Wednesday. Well, alam ko na meron Coffee Project pero hindi ko siya pinapansin dati kasi… ewan. Hahaha!

From the outside, it looks like your any typical coffee shop. Yes, quiet but no oomph-feels! But grateful though! My partner, Jan, and her dad asked to have a quick coffee break and we opted to try Coffee Project. Besides, we haven’t tried it yet and it is just 2 egg rolls away from our condo. Hahaha! 😂

So why Secret Garden? Because…

Once you enter the premise, despite its location right beside a main street and inside a known department store, it seems to be noise proof. Ang tahimik kahit yung mga tao!

High ceiling! And very spacious.

They also have these flower chandelier that adds grandeur to its garden theme.

I think I want one in my room!

And what’s a café without the coffee and pastries?


Say hello to my cutie! ❤️

Hello there! 🙂 and this is the pathway to the restroom.

I am really not a coffee-person so I had their Iced Chocolate and as for my dessert (we just had lunch) I chose their Cinnamon Roll.

Large Iced Chocolate 🙂
Cinnamon Roll. Not that sweet but I think it is quite dry. 🙁
My combo 🙂

I am no food critic so there will be no reviews. LOL! As for the price, ito ang WINNER! 130 pesos for the largest cup. That’s just a Tall (not even) somewhere down the road. Lol!

As we progress inside the “Secret Garden”, the more it becomes Eden.

I am not sure if they are selling these but they have price tags… So, yes? 🙂
Live life in full bloom <3
More flowers! 🙂

Coffee Project is a really nice place to disconnect from the usual noise of the city. And I think this may be our go-to coffee shop now 🙂

Selfie using my Oppo A57 phone! <3
Pak ganern! Gandang Eden… Cheese. Chaaar! :p Thank you, Oppo for making me more beautiful. Hahaha! 🙂
Jan and Tito Jermy 🙂
No filter kind of beauty! Thank you, Oppo!

Coffee Project is the Secret Garden. <3


Thank you Oppo for sparing me from editing my photos before I post it! First ever article that I do not need to edit my snaps! 🙂

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